Visit to the Exhibition EVOA, Where the World Meets the Tagus

The visit starts with a short film that will reveal what exists in common between the humans and the birds concerning the use of the Tagus’ Estuary. As well as the way in which this precious legacy has been changed by Man.

Next, search for the links between the different activities developed among the lezíria and the estuary along the centuries until today.

Understand the changes that occur during a cycle of a year, of a day and of a tide. And discover the strategies that the different species use for adapt.

Accompany the birds thru their migration, they will take you to distant territories and show you the ways they use to return.

Put yourself on the skin of an illustrator, resort to your imagination and interpret the events represented among the lezíria and the estuary. Afterward, challenge yourself, do your first drafts, you will have a precious help.


Adults 3€

Children (7 to12 years old) 1€