PhotoEVOA Temporary New Exhibition

PhotoEVOA Temporary New  Exhibition
Wold Wetland Day, 2 February, last chance to choose!

Throughout 2020 we were selecting the best photographs of each month, published in @Grupo Fotografia at EVOA, which will be displayed in an exhibition at the EVOA premises.

But we have a final hobby for these talented photographers and for our community!

In this album are all the finalist photographs so that everyone can choose and vote for their favorite (s).

The one with the highest number of reactions until February 2nd - World Wetlands Day, will be considered the winner.

The winning author will be known on the 2nd of February and will be able to compose a small exhibition, with 6 additional photographs, also to be displayed at the EVOA facilities.

Considering this year's theme: Inseparable: Water, Wetlands, Life, which emphasizes wetlands as a source of drinking water, encouraging actions that contribute to their restoration and prevent their destruction, we believe that the dissemination of these moments that through of photography are eternalized in time, they constitute in themselves an extraordinary means to raise awareness for the preservation and valorization of these ecosystems.

Due to the current situation, the physical opening of this exhibition will be announced on a date to be defined later, but we could not fail to disclose all these wonderful images.

Thank you all for participating and sharing with us absolutely extraordinary photographs!

Good luck to everyone!


January - António Caiado February - Daniel Oliveira Santos March- Daniel Oliveira Santos
April - Jacques van Wijlick May - José Leal June - José Leal
July - Raquel Caetano August - Raquel Caetano September - Paulo Duarte
October - Jaime Cerezo November - José Flor December - Dinis Nascimento
Wednesday, January 27 2021