Nocturnal Owl Observation - Book Now!

In Lezíria you can see more than 15 barn owls per kilometer!

Studies shows that Lezíria Sul de Vila Franca de Xira, with its open agricultural landscape and extensive network of ditches connected to Tagus River, is probably the place with the greatest abundance of owls in the world. Come and meet these mysterious birds.


After Sunset (30 minutes) Reception of participants at EVOA and explanation of the methodology to be used during the transect

2 hours Tour by electric car to observe nocturnal birds of prey

Availability: Tuesday to Sunday from August to February (only two session per month)| Duration: 2,5 hours  | Degree of difficulty: Easy

Prices: € 40

Minimum number of subscribers: 5 people or the payment of the corresponding value.

If for you group the value it's inferior contact us for 926458963, to join other group.

Maximum number of subscribers: 12 people

VAT at the legal rate in force.

How to book it

You can choose the day of your convenience, being dependent on availability.